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Kids Magic Shows Köln

Let's go with a kids magic show in Köln. Just watch how their faces light up with awe as they try to figure out how the magician did it. They'll be waiting on the edge of their seats as they watch one trick after another and laugh until their sides hurt from our magicians hilarious audience banter.

It's an enchanting experience that's not to be missed. Book one of our talented Köln Magicians and see how they inject some magic into the occasion. 



- Interactive Magic Show (45 Mins)

- For up to 50 Children

- 6 - 7 Magical Sequences

How Does the Magic Show Run?

Our professionally trained kids magicians are skilled entertainers that help the children participate in the magic shows as well as enjoy the tricks and audience interaction. Our kids magic shows in Köln will keep them busy for 45 minutes.

Other Info:

Your magician will poof! up onto your path 15-20 minutes before the party begins. They will explain the show to you and ask for your direction in where to set up. Point them to a shaded area, with comfy seating as the children will need to be sitting for a while.

*Interested in booking a magic show or roaming magic for an event? Contact us directly for our discounted day rates.

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The Magic Show

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A 45 minute kids magic show

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Purveyors or awesome kids party experiences. #thefunwillfindyou
Kids Magic Show in Köln Bazinga Parties
Kids Magic Show Köln Bazinga Barties
Kids Magic Shows in Köln Bazinga Barties
Bazinga Parties Children’s Entertainment for Parties in Köln Site Icon Bazinga Parties
Purveyors or awesome kids party experiences. #thefunwillfindyou

76   Posts


76   Posts

Client Quote Kids Magic Shows in Köln Bazinga
Client Quote Kids Magic Show Köln Bazinga
Client Quote Kids Magic Show Köln
The magician Eric Q did an awesome job at my daughter's 7th Birthday party, both kids and adults had a GREAT time. Even Christina was patient with helping me book..I definitely recommend them and I will use the Bazinga Parties for my future events.
Our daughter had a memorable 5th birthday and the entertainment made the party! I was impressed by the professionalism, attention to detail and just how tuned into the kids our entertainer was. Would absolutely book again!

Had a great experience using Bazinga parties for my son's 3rd. The customer service was excellent and our entertainer Aleksandra was lovely and great with the little kids, lots of energy to keep up with them.




How to Book a Kids Magic Show in Köln

Our magic shows work wonderfully for any party or corporate event in Köln. Plus our booking system takes one more stressful part of the process off your plate. Check it out below.
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Check Availability

Click on the "book now" button to open up our online calendar and check our availability. All of our entertainers calendars are synced with our website to show up-to-date availability online.
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After checking availability, enter in your party details and choose a payment method. Enter in your card details and click complete. We won't charge you until we confirm the booking on our side.
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Once we check the details of your event we will confirm the booking and your card will be debited for the full amount. A confirmation email with all of your party details and the entertainers name and contact information will be emailed to you. 24 Hours before your booking you will also receive a reminder SMS from us.

*Payments made for parties and events are fully refundable up to 2 weeks before the date of the booking. If for any reason your need to cancel your event 14 days or less before your booking we refund at 75% of the total amount.